Note: In Com­pu­ta­tional Geom­etry it is cus­tomary to list au­thors al­pha­bet­i­cally. One’s po­si­tion in the list of au­thors is there­fore not in­dica­tive of one’s in­volve­ment with the pa­per.

Con­fer­ence and journal pa­pers

  • GlamMap: Vi­su­al­izing Li­brary Meta­data
    Ar­i­anna Betti, Dirk H.P. Ger­rits, Bet­tina Speck­mann, Hein van den Berg
    Con­fer­ence: 17th VALA, Mel­bourne (Aus­tralia), 2014.
    Down­load: con­fer­ence paper (PDF)

  • Dy­namic Point La­beling is Strongly PSPACE-com­plete
    Kevin Buchin, Dirk H.P. Ger­rits
    Work­shop: 29th Eu­roCG, Braun­schweig (Ger­many), pp. 241–244, 2013.
    Con­fer­ence: 24th ISAAC, Hong Kong (Chi­na), pp. 262–272, 2013.
    Journal: IJCGA, to ap­pear.
    Down­load: journal preprint (PDF)

  • La­beling Moving Points with a Trade-Off be­tween Label Speed and Label Overlap
    Mark de Berg, Dirk H.P. Ger­rits
    Con­fer­ence: 21th ESA, Sophia An­tipolis (France), pp. 373–384, 2013.
    Down­load: con­fer­ence paper (PDF)

  • Ap­prox­i­ma­tion Al­go­rithms for Free-Label Max­i­miza­tion
    Mark de Berg, Dirk H.P. Ger­rits
    Work­shop: 26th Eu­roCG, Dort­mund (Ger­many), pp. 77–80, 2010.
    Con­fer­ence: 12th SWAT, Bergen (Nor­way), pp. 297–308, 2010.
    Journal: CG:TA, volume 45, issue 4, pp. 153–168, 2012.
    Down­load: journal paper (PDF)

  • How Alexander the Great brought the Greeks to­gether while in­flicting min­imal damage to the Bar­bar­ians
    Mark de Berg, Dirk H.P. Ger­rits, Ami­rali Khos­ravi, Con­stan­tinos P. Tsirogian­nis, Ignaz Rut­ter, Alexander Wolff
    Work­shop: 26th Eu­roCG, Dort­mund (Ger­many), pp. 73–76, 2010.
    Down­load: work­shop paper (PDF)

  • Com­puting Push Plans for Disk-Shaped Ro­bots
    Mark de Berg, Dirk H.P. Ger­rits
    Work­shop: 25th Eu­roCG, Brus­sels (Bel­gium), pp. 49–52, 2009.
    Con­fer­ence: ICRA 2010, An­chorage (Alaska), pp. 4487–4492, 2010.
    Journal: IJCGA, volume 23, issue 1, pp. 29–48, 2013.
    Down­load: journal paper (PDF)

Theses and dis­ser­ta­tions

Un­pub­lished ar­ti­cles

  • Ac­counting for over­head in fixed pri­ority pre-emp­tive sched­uling
    René Gabriëls, Dirk Ger­rits
    Un­pub­lished, 25 June 2007.
    Down­load: paper (PDF)

  • John W. Backus: 3 De­cember 1924 – 17 March 2007
    René Gabriëls, Dirk Ger­rits, Peter Kooi­j­mans
    Un­pub­lished, 29 May 2007.
    Down­load: paper (PDF)

  • An ELF virus pro­to­type
    Dirk Ger­rits, René Gabriëls, Peter Kooi­j­mans
    Un­pub­lished, 24 April 2007.
    Down­load: paper (PDF)

  • Im­proving the Linux mount util­ity: Adding sup­port for new func­tion­ality of the mount syscall
    Dirk Ger­rits, René Gabriëls, Peter Kooi­j­mans
    Un­pub­lished, 20 April 2007.
    Down­load: paper (PDF)

  • A Survey of Mesh Gen­er­a­tion Tech­niques
    Dirk Ger­rits, René Gabriëls, Peter Kooi­j­mans
    Un­pub­lished, 1 June 2006.
    Down­load: paper (PDF)

  • A com­par­ison of macro sys­tems for ex­tending pro­gram­ming lan­guages
    Dirk Ger­rits, René Gabriëls
    Un­pub­lished, 30 March 2005.
    Down­load: paper (PDF)