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A week of ICRA’10

The first week of May I was in Anchorage, Alaska at the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA’10). In short, it was an awesome event amidst great scenery, but for my tastes it was way too large … Continue reading

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EuroCG 2010 in Dortmund

Last Wednesday evening I returned from EuroCG 2010 held in Dortmund, Germany.  The weather was nice throughout the conference, and so were the food and drinks. (Although some people did not seem to care for the coffee in the lobby, … Continue reading

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Xournal on Windows

Xournal is a free software note-taking application similar to Microsoft Windows Journal. It used to be Linux-only, with MacOS and Windows ports on the TODO list. But as you can see it is now possible to run it on Windows. … Continue reading

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If you die in Canada, you die in real life

I love xkcd. It is definitely my most favorite webcomic ever. Erik Torstensson was the one to introduce me to it. Living in Canada, this particular strip surely must have made him chuckle. Always when a great xkcd strip went … Continue reading

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More than 9 for Lisp?

I’ve just read about LispNYC‘s Summer of Lisp. The idea is to also mentor students without Google funding, on the projects that didn’t make the cut. Also, there seems to be a possibility that funding for one other Lisp project … Continue reading

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I should have started going to #lisp on ages ago… Today I talked with Kevin Reid. Apparently, he’s been working on implementing another concurrent language on top of Common Lisp: E. Initially announced in December 2004, E-on-CL is younger … Continue reading

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Erlisp and 8 others funded by Google

Google has just announced the final per-organization project breakdown on their Summer of Code. LispNYC got awarded no less than NINE project fundings! That’s more than SVN, NetBSD, Wine, Samba, and Inkscape! Who said Lisp was dead? And guess what? … Continue reading

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Erlisp on GMANE

Thanks to GMANE, the Erlisp mailing list is now also accessible as the newsgroup gmane.lisp.erlisp.devel on The newsgroup is a bi-directional interface to the mailing list, so e-mails sent to either one will show up on both. Newsgroup lovers … Continue reading

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To those who’d like to try Erlisp 0.0001

Erlisp currently doesn’t come with documentation yet, so here are some pointers to get started. From Erlisp’s download page you should get erlisp-snapshot.tar.gz. This file contains the source code in the Erlisp repository, and is updated whenever that repository is … Continue reading

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8 months of Erlisp

It’s been over 8 months since I announced Erlisp to the Lisp community, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who had hoped that Erlisp would have come farther in all this time. However, many of you may … Continue reading

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