Erlisp and 8 others funded by Google

Google has just announced the final per-organization project breakdown on their Summer of Code. LispNYC got awarded no less than NINE project fundings! That’s more than SVN, NetBSD, Wine, Samba, and Inkscape! Who said Lisp was dead? ;)

And guess what? Erlisp is one of the nine! I’m not exactly sure how this selection was made, but if it had anything to do with community feedback: thank you all for the support.

The other eight projects are:

  • Lisp Sockets
    This is great! I have needed to use sockets on several occasions, and had to settle for non-portable solutions with SB-BSD-SOCKETS. Better yet, Erlisp will eventually need portable sockets as well.

    Now we “just” need a library and/or CLRFI to be able to serialize any Lisp object, send it to another Lisp implementation running on another computer, and deserialize it…

  • Fetter – foreign function interface generator
    Generating foreign function interfaces automatically is a cool thing in itself, but this project promises to bring not just C but C++ support to the Open Source Lisp masses! Way cool! (Might it even get wxCL off the ground?)

  • Axiom User Interface
    I know of 2 Common Lisp computer algebra systems; Maxima I’ve used, Axiom I haven’t. There is some cool stuff going on in the Maxima GUI camp, let’s see what this summer will bring for Axiom.

  • Gene Ontology Database
    Not my cup of tea, but a cool example of how Common Lisp is being put to use.

  • Hello-C, extending UFFI
    UFFI with callbacks, better documentation, and higher level abstractions… what more could we ask for? Also, it’ll serve as the basis for Fetter (mentioned above).

    [EDIT] I don’t know where I got that, but Fetter is not based on Hello-C (it’s based on UFFI). I guess that’s sensible, to make sure these projects can be developed in parallel.

  • Extend PLT Scheme’s Stepper
    This would have interested me 2-3 years ago, but I’m off Scheme now. Still, nice to see they’re in on the action too.

  • Unified low-level database drivers for PLT Scheme

  • A Stepper for Slime
    Last but definately not least: better debugging tools for SLIME. Any SLIME addition makes me happy, but this one will be especially well-appreciated. ;)

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2 Responses to Erlisp and 8 others funded by Google

  1. Congratulations! Can you apply to be your own intern?

  2. Dirk Gerrits says:

    Gustavo, I could have, but it is now past the application date. I didn’t do this, because I already had other plans for the summer when I read about the Summer of Code.

    Nevertheless, I intend to keep in close communication with the Summer of Code student, as soon as I know who that is…

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